متاحين في جميع انحاء الوطن العربي 
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Etern’L was created by finding inspiration in the treasures of the Mountain. Reaching new heights, finding peace in unchanging nature, exploring new paths, opening up to different landscapes...rising up. Our formulations contain immortelle, a plant much loved by the generous sun of the Mediterranean, and edelweiss, the noble, rare white flower from the glaciers. A combination of hot and cold for a unique care range, an ode to femininity.

Etern’L is an invitation to timelessness. Thanks to a clever dosage of major ingredients known for their phototherapeutic virtues, this range of products is an elixir of youth for mature skin.

Our active ingredients and other ingredients: 
Thanks to its natural ability to retain water in tissue, hyaluronic acid gives skin its suppleness and hydration. Our Optim Hyal© active ingredient stimulates synthesis of hyaluronic acid, making the skin plumper and filling out wrinkles that form as the HYALURONIC ACID skin ages.

Majestem© is a cosmetic active ingredient that comes from an edelweiss cell culture. This flower from the high mountains displays fabulous antioxidant properties that neutralize free radicals generated by daily aggressions of the environment.

Even when picked, this exceptional flower has the amazing power of never wilting! In the form of an essential oil of immortelle, this plant is a very precious active ingredient we use diluted in oils or creams to obtain a cosmetic product used to fight wrinkles (both now and in the future).

The active ingredient Volulip© stimulates the renewal of the hyaluronic acid pool, to hydrate and tighten saggy skin, which increases the volume and density of the dermis. This remodeling effect is reinforced by associating it with immortelle essential oil.

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